Kraina Zimy FCI - Family breeding of the Polish Tatra Shepherd Dog

WINTER LAND FCI (Kraina Zimy FCI) it's our small familly breeding of Polish Tatra Shepherd Dog.
Until now we had one Polish FCI Champion bitch dog - ELZA Countess (Hrabianka Elza) - "Podhalany spod Giewontu". 

She is fully free of dysplasia (HD-A) Polish Tatra (Mountains)
In our breeding we had also one bitch dog - DIANA she is daughter of ELZA and MASTER ANDERSIT from our litter from december 2017.
And the last one members of ours dog's familly is OLAF, just our friend, from him everything was started.
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31 of january 2019 in our breeding were borned nine beatuifull puppies.

We had four dogs and five bitches dog, all are in great condition like their mom ELZA (Hrabianka Elza).


Please take a look for them in "Nasze Szczenięta - 2019"

if you intreasted one of them please call us +48 792 4000 25 

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Few information about breed:

Shepherd Dogs are the  representative of medium large herding - guarding dogs, whose main task was to protect flocks against predators and robbers.
In addition,while working at grazing  the Tatra Sheepdogs have been helping  shepherds to search for lost animals, herding the whole flock , and to guard the shepherds' huts and homes.
At the same time, another of their strenght is  the ability to work independently.
The above features  determined the psychology of the Tatra Sheepdogs, which are easlly  controlled, but also vigiliant, intelligent, courageous and, if necessary, take up a defensive action.
When they define their flock, terrain or even human are uncompromising and do not know fear .They  can be  gentle and friendly to people and animals they  know,
an In the same time  they are suspicious of strangers . If someone  invade  their own terytory ,no mettrer if  people or other animals  will be  treated   as intruders.
Thanks to special psychological predispositions, high intelligence and the ability to learn by observation, Tatra sheepdogs are perfect for families especially friendlly  for kids.
They are very easy to  adapt to  different weather condition.
Interesting thing is that their hair has lanolin so they can easily clean themself
(and becouse of that it is really easy to take care of them . They don’t need a lot of additional treatment by the owners . Just loving them it’s enough )

mieści pod Łodzią w Okołowicach, w centralnej części Polski

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is placed in center of Poland, about 200km from Warsaw (Capitol city)
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